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She's a working mom, juggling life and helping Greensboro be healthy

Rima Kleiner is a nationally recognized registered dietician and nutritionist.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Struggling with dieting? Folks in Greensboro are calling Rima Kleiner. 

"I see a lot of clients that when they come to me they are avoiding carbohydrates because they think they should," Kleiner said. 

Kleiner said this isn't entirely true. She said some carbohydrates can be healthy!

Kleiner, a registered dietician and nutritionist, debunks health myths left and right. She said painting the picture makes it easier for clients to understand their choices. Kleiner uses resources like exemplary tubes of sugar, fat, and salt to allow clients to compare their diet to that of what the average person should be intaking daily. She said what you should do and what you actually do, don't always match up. Kleiner admits to her own faults even as a health expert. 

"What we eat in our family isn't always perfect," Kleiner said. "I'm a busy working mom with two kids who are very active in sports. They both play soccer and life gets busy."

Kleiner said even while growing up,  it was hard for her mother. Kleiner said she would step up in the kitchen as a kid to cook.

"My mom does not cook," Kleiner said. "She doesn't enjoy cooking. She is a self-professed bad cook."

Kleiner quickly found her niche prepping meals. 

"I really enjoyed taking ingredients to make a meal," Kleiner said.

 These days she's not always in the kitchen, but you can find Kleiner leading others in a healthier direction.

"Whatever food we are talking about, getting variety really helps to ensure that we are getting a variety of nutrients," Kleiner said.