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Eric Chilton's Useless Trivia Part 4

Eric Chilton gives us more watercooler fodder.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You know I love some strange trivia and thanks to the good folks at Readers Digest.com I've found some winners.

Most people love a good roller coaster but did you know that the roller coaster was created to distract Americans from sin?

Hosiery businessman LaMarcus Thompson decided to build a roller coaster in Coney Island because too many Americans were going to brothels and saloons.

So, he constructed the first coaster in New York and the country so New Yorkers could have some good clean fun.

Here's a weird one. Did you know that it is impossible to hum while holding your nose? The air has to come out of the nose to create the humming noise. You just tried it, didn't you? 

Let's talk about candy for a moment. The Three Musketeers candy bar originally came in three flavors. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry but rationing during World War II made that too expensive so they condensed it into one and it has remained that way ever since.

This next one makes me hurt.  Before toilet paper was invented people used corn cobs. Let's just move on.

Did you know there's a particular breed of ant called ManhattANTS. It's not a dad joke. This is the truth and they can only be found in a 14-block area in New York City.

And last but not least. The Eiffel Tower. Designed by Gustav Eiffel it was originally intended to be erected in Barcelona, Spain but the citizens there thought it was ugly and decided against it.

Then Gustav offered it to the French who took it begrudgingly and said they would use it as a temporary structure for the 1889 International Expo to happen there soon.

They never moved it.

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