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My 2 Cents: The world's most dangerous animals

The top 10 feared may not necessarily be the most dangerous animals.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — We were talking in the newsroom the other day about our most feared animals or the ones you definitely do not want to meet in the wild.

Of course, sharks, bears, lions, etc. were popping up all around.

Then I looked on Science Focus.com and found the most dangerous animals based on the number of human kills...the results had us scratching our heads.

So, here are the world's most dangerous. The ones we should be listing every day. The ones with the most human kills.

Number 10:  Lions. TEN? I thought for sure this was top 5. Anyway, they are responsible for about 200 human deaths a year.

9.  .Hippo   I think this one makes sense just from their size. (500 kills a year)

8.  Elephants: A close number 8 these giants are believed to cause about 600 people per year.

7. Crocodiles. They kill 1000 folks a year.

6. Scorpions. Who knew?  (3,300 deaths per year!)

5. Assassin bugs (Chagas Disease) 10,000 kills a year

4. Dogs (Rabid Dogs) 59,000 kills a year

3. Snakes (Responsible for 138,000 deaths a year!)

2. Humans (Homicides) 400,000 kills a year. So sad.

And the number one animal responsible for the most deaths? (Drum roll) MOSQUITOS!!!

There are 110 trillion of them. That's about 16,000 per person in the world! They're such carriers of diseases it really shouldn't surprise us. Believe it or not, they are responsible for 725,000 deaths a year.

There you have it. Be thankful fall is approaching and the , mosquitos take a vacation!

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