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The tale of the 40-year-old donut in the basement at UNCG.

It all started with a staff meeting and a couple of guys trying to tune in the campus radio station.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Audrey Sage knows the story like the back of her hand. She should. She works in the library at UNCG in the basement area where "the doughnut" still resides in a glass case.

"The story goes like this. A staff meeting in 1980 saw a plate of donuts being devoured. But being a civilized lot and folks who appreciated manners, no one wanted to be the one to take the last doughnut. So, it sat. Until one night when two gentlemen were trying to tune a radio to the campus radio station but were having no luck. One of them said get that doughnut and stick it on the antenna. He did and the radio station came in clear as a bell," said Sage.

"It stayed there for a few years but by then the doughnut became a legend. And every 5 years we celebrate its anniversary. This November it turns 40. Hard to believe," continued Sage.

To commemorate the donut Dunkin' is releasing three UNCG designed treats that will be sold at a few Dunkin' Donut shops around the Triad. All the proceeds will go to the Spartan Pantry to feed the needy.

But until then, the sweet treat remains locked in its black velvet bed surrounded by a glass case in the basement where it has stood watch for 4 decades. Waiting for the 2025 celebration and probably another spot on TV.

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