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Breaking down Cam Newton’s body language

Newton spoke with reporters a day after signing with his former team, the Carolina Panthers.

All eyes were on Cam Newton at Friday’s press conference, where he answered questions about his return to the Carolina Panthers. We heard what he said, but what didn’t he say? 

My overall impression of Cam was that he was humble and it showed in his body language. His head tucked downward, rounded shoulders, leaned forward, and rested his arms on the table. All this body language made him appear figuratively smaller.

Cam crossed his arms to support himself as he leaned on the table. Notice that his palms are not only on the inside of his arm, but also closer to his body. 

This indicates that he’s giving himself some support. Look at his forehead wrinkling, which shows that Cam’s feeling a bit tense.

How do we know that Cam meant what he said? You look for consistency in what someone says and what they show in their body language. 

With Cam, he shook his head no when he said that this wasn’t a ploy, ticket sales or Cinderella story. He nodded yes when he said that it’s time to win football games.” He means what he says, which is fantastic for Carolina Panther fans.

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