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A fair food drive through... you're welcome.

The N.C. State Fairgrounds are your one-stop shop for fried goodness this weekend.

RALEIGH, N.C. — We realize its an hour away but fair food will make a person drive! We spoke with Troy Beaver of Old Style Foods, a vendor for the state fair, and he says this weekend is a must do for fair food lovers.

"All you do is pull up to the fairgrounds and a greeter will show you an order form. You make your choices and proceed to the next stop where a runner will bring you your authentic fair food." said Beaver.

The fairgrounds have done this several weekends over the summer and it always brings in a crowd. Plus, some are wondering what the state fair will even look like this year and if it will even be held. Therefore, a fair food drive through will give everyone a chance to have the food even if they don't attend the fair.

Beaver says that fair food is an integral part of any fair and every food vendor tries to out do the other one with new creations. But not every experiment is a home run.

"Once we tried deep fried Rolos but they kept melting." said Beaver.

But lets face it. There's enough fried wonders on the menu to keep us happy even if they never add a new creation....but we will still be on the lookout.

If you need more information just check out their website.

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