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'I haven’t been this afraid in a very long time' | Restaurants adjust to takeout, delivery only as business remains steady

New Garden Bagels and Grey's Tavern are just two of many restaurants to make the switch, that typically see heavy, dine-in foot traffic.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's a scary time for local businesses that have been forced to change plans and make layoffs. 

Some said they are doing their best to adapt to this constantly changing world. 

As take out and delivery become the only option for restaurants, local businesses say sales are coming in steadily. 

However, it's not the same for businesses like Grey's Tavern.

In a place that's normally packed on the weekends at night, tables and chairs are now stacked up as carry out is the only option.

One of the bar managers said it's scary to walk in and have it be this quiet. 

"It’s very scary. I haven’t been this afraid in a very long time," said Bar Manager Christa Auber.

She said the community has been supportive and really rallied around the businesses who are struggling. 

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"I've worked here almost 12 years now and the only reassurance, which is terrible, is everyone's in the same boat right now," she said, "So I know all the local businesses, especially our group downtown, are all trying to help one another and support one another and we're just doing the best we can day by day."

New Garden bagels is also a business that sees a lot of foot traffic. They've also had to transition to carry out and delivery. 

"It’s been steady it’s been slowly picking back up a little bit but I’m afraid it’s gonna drop off again," said Ed Boniberger, the owner of New Garden Bagels.

Some of the customers who order in bulk are coffee shops. Boniberger said that has since stopped as most of the coffee shops have closed. 

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"There’s definitely a lot more phone calls to the store for delivery or for takeout or for even curbside pick up so it’s rerouting employees to do certain things certain tasks that normally they wouldn’t be doing," said Boniberger.

Grey's Tavern said they're offering specials and carryout beer and wine for customers. 

"We are doing the best to adhere with all guidelines to keep everyone safe. We’re offering to take out you can call, our menu is on our Facebook page we’re trying to offer daily specials," said Auber. 

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Greensboro Takeout Facebook page features many restaurants that offer takeout and delivery options in the Greensboro area. 

How about making your own pizza with the kids? Elizabeth's Pizza in Greensboro is selling, all the ingredients and directions.

Store owners are happy to be offering a different form of entertainment but say what truly makes them smile is seeing the support from the community even when customers can't eat inside. 

If you're looking to grab one, just call ahead Elizabeth's Pizza directly to place your order.

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