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New Triad jobs impact on the housing market

One realtor said the Megasite announcement is only going to drive demand up even higher.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With all these new jobs on the way, we could see an influx of new families looking for homes once positions start getting filled.

We spoke with a realtor about what the current state of our housing market could look like in the future.

The triad has been a hotbed for people selling homes over the last few years, and one realtor told us on Monday that the Megasite announcement will drive demand up even higher.

We dug a little deeper with realtor Ashauna Harris about what these new jobs mean for our housing market.

"Over the past 10 years, we're at the highest price point for homes, and we're at the lowest inventory in the last 10 years," Harris said. 

As 1,700 new employees are on their way to work at the Toyota Megasite, Harris said demand will keep climbing.

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"We're preparing for it. If you ride around the Triad, you can see that new houses are going up," Harris said. "We're building and this is the first time construction has been this steady in a while, and more houses will hit the market now that we know that the demand will increase even more. Even Though I will say, it's not enough. "

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Harris also said if you drive around the area near the Megasite, you'll see developers clearing land for what possibly could be neighborhoods, in the very near future.

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