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'We Need Help' | Downtown Greensboro is Thriving, but Business Owners Say There's Still Work to be Done.

Downtown Greensboro Incorporated held a public feedback session Tuesday evening to learn more about what the community wants the city to look like in 2030.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's no secret Greensboro is thriving. 

New restaurants, breweries, and jobs have come to the area all year. 

Tuesday night, Downtown Greensboro Incorporated hosted a public event to get community feedback. 

The public got a chance to share where they want to see Greensboro in the next ten years. The community also  got a look at some of the proposed projects that could come to fruition in that decade. 

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Some business owners downtown say there's still work that needs to be done.

"I am really excited about everything that can be going on downtown," said Owner of Vivid Interiors Laura Mensch, "I am a little bit worried about the businesses that we do have downtown here that are really good and really viable and we just don’t have enough people supporting them."

Mensch and her colleague Gina Hicks own and operate Vivid Interiors, an interior design services and retail store on South Elm Street. 

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"There’s a fair amount of night life, there’s great bars, there’s great restaurants, but I'd really like to see a little bit more retail, and more people," said Hicks. 

The pair have been fortunate enough that the services end of their business supports the retail side, but their neighbors on the block haven't been so lucky. 

"They are part of the community, and we need to be able to support them, so the more we are able to shop locally the better," said Mensch. 

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Several people turned out to give their input for the informal feedback session. 

Proposed projects for the downtown area were posted and people were able to show their favorites by putting a sticker next to the ones they liked. 

Some even contributed some ideas of their own.

Visitors also got the chance to describe how they want the city to look and feel in the year 2030. Several people want to see Greensboro become more 'green,' creative, and walk-able. 

The next and final meeting will be held Wednesday from 11-1 at Triad Stage.