GREENSBORO, North Carolina — Greensboro Police need help finding the person who shot and killed a mother in a possible fit of road rage on Saturday. 

Police say two children were in the car when Carolyn Tiger was gunned down. 

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9-1-1 excerpts detail the moments surrounding the shooting. If you have any information that can help police, call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000. 

9-1-1 CALLER 1

"I’m on Randleman Road right here at the intersection with Florida Street and Randleman Road. Some guy just got out the car and he shot at two girls and a baby that was in the car."

"Y'all need to hurry because he's going to kill her." 

"He shot her tires out. She’s sitting on the side of the road. He’s probably getting ready to kill her."

“I guess he was following her, because they were playing some kind of game in the back of me. She was trying to get over. He kept trying to stop her from getting over…”

“When we got to the light where she actually stopped, he got out of the vehicle - he got out of the vehicle. She zoomed off because she saw him going to the trunk, and when he was going to the trunk I’m looking like what is he getting ready to do? He pulled out – it looked like a shotgun - and started shooting.” 


9-1-1 CALLER 2

"I need an ambulance and a police officer at the Bojangles on Higgins and Randleman road, east Elm Eugene street right now. There was a shooting in the road."

“The driver is hit. There’s a baby, there’s a woman, there’s a Bojangles. There’s a firetruck right here.”