GREENSBORO, N.C. — Christopher Young, a 28-year-old Greensboro man with a promising future, was shot and killed in October 2018. But, to this day, police have yet to find his killer. 

On Friday, Crime Stoppers announced that in addition to the reward of $2,000 leading to an arrest, $22,420 has been donated in an effort to find out who is responsible, bringing the total to $24,420. 

Anyone with information can call (336) 373-1000, or text the keyword "Badboyz" to 274637. You can also submit a tip online here. All three ways are completely anonymous. 

Young's mother, Cynthia Young, revisits the hundreds of photos, containing precious memories, but says, it won't bring back her son. 

"For me to wake up each and every day not knowing who shot and killed my son, basically murdered my son… It hurts," she said, "I have to start each and every day knowing that I will never speak with him and to know that I have to go through this day without him? It's not easy."

She hopes the reward money entices someone with information to come forward. 

"If I could undo that date, I would, but I don't have that power to do so," she said, "I will have justice for my only child. He knew I loved him and he knew I will always love him."

Back in February, WFMY News 2 spoke with family friends who said, the loss is still incredibly painful to endure. 

"I think it all came to a head when I viewed his remains in a casket," said John Williams, Young's mentor. "You know, you expect them to bury you. You don't expect to bury them and that was really tough for me." 

Greensboro Police say that in the evening hours of Saturday, October 6, 2018, officers responded to the parking lot of the Sedgefield Square Apartment complex, on Bernau Avenue. When they got there, they found Young suffering from a gunshot wound. He died Sunday, October 7, 2018.

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