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Stranger Things: Here's a list of all the North Carolina references by season

Stranger Things wasn't filmed in Durham, but it sure makes a lot of Durham, NC references! Can you find them all?

DURHAM, N.C. — Don't worry - no big spoilers in this story! (Hey, we like the show too and don't want to ruin it for us either!)

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 is now on Netflix! There are plenty of questions that still need answering about the Upside Down and our beloved characters. Maybe you've binged each season to catch up to this epic finale! Have you noticed all those North Carolina references? There's a reason for that. 

The show creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, commonly known as the Duffer Brothers, grew up in Durham, NC.

Many roads, neighborhoods, and landmarks in the hit Netflix show are a nod to the Triangle. Well played, Duffer Brothers! 

Let's take a look at all those North Carolina Easter eggs, season by season, in Stranger Things.

Season 1 

Kerley and Cornwallis Roads: These are roads in Durham. The kids mentioned these roads when talking about the wooded area of "Mirkwood," where the character of Will Byers went missing. 

Lochn'ora Neighborhood: "That's where the rich people live, right?" Though it isn't spelled quite the same in the show (Loch Nora), it's still a definite nod to the affluent neighborhood. 

Season 2 

Eno River and Jordan Lake: While working together to figure out clues in the drawings of Will Byers, Joyce says to Bob, “And if that’s Lake Jordan, then you can probably find...the Eno River." The Eno River runs through the Triangle and Jordan Lake is in Apex. 

Season 3

Bullock's BBQ: Joyce mentions the restaurant to Hopper - and there actually is a Bullock's BBQ joint in Durham. If you know, you know! 

Season 4, Volume 1 

Durham, NC: The very first time "Durham" is said in the series! Joyce and Murray work together to spoof a phone call to make it look like it is coming from Durham. 

Season 4, Volume 2 

We'll let you know once we watch and report back! 

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