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2 Your Well-Being: What precautions needed to keep COVID-19 cases low

Dr. Cynthia Snider from Cone Health said COVID isn't completely gone, and we all need to stay vigilant to avoid another surge.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — People have started gathering more, and that's likely to happen even more with summer approaching. At the same time, COVID-19 remains a threat to our community.

COVID transmission is still in the low and moderate range for our area. We all want it to stay as low as possible. In this 2 Your Well-Being, we spoke with Cone Health's Infection Prevention Medical Director Dr. Cynthia Snider to review how we can do that.

Snider said she's tracking a 20% increase in transmission in our community over the last few weeks. She said that's likely to continue if people let their guard down.

People get together for all sorts of reasons this time of year. One of the most common events is graduation.

Dr. Snider said she still recommends wearing a mask to indoor ceremonies. She said her recommendation for the graduation parties depends on the setting. Snider said transmission is low outdoors, so it's safer to take your mask off if you feel comfortable.

People often plan summer trips with friends they haven't seen in a while. Snider suggests everyone test before arrival. She said it avoids someone getting exposed unnecessarily.

When the CDC updated its guidance for isolation, some people got confused about what to do. Snider reviewed the steps following a positive COVID test.

Snider said people are required to isolate for at least five days.She said it's best to stay home for a full 10 days if they're able to. However, she understands people have work and other responsibilities. She said if 10 days isn't an option, that person should wear a mask around others until the end of their 10-day window.

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