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Set an example for your child by taking care of your body!

When we adopt healthy habits, our children learn to take on those habits, too!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — You don't need a New Year Resolution to get your health and fitness in check. 

Taking care of our bodies is something we should do every day of the year and something we can teach children at a young age. 

Dr. Joseph Skelton with Brenner Children's Hospital joined us on 2 Wants to Know to help us take those first steps to choosing a healthier lifestyle. 

Back-to-School: What’s important to remember for kids and parents about staying healthy and happy in returning to school?

  • Some children were out of school for over a year – being back in a routine is great. To make it smoother, focus on getting to bed on time (kids need 8-10+ hours of sleep a night), getting breakfast, etc.
  • Recognize the transition back can be tough- talk to children about the transition
  • Lunch - talk to your child about eating lunch- are they skipping lunch? If so, pack a lunch
  • Listen- as kids adjust back to schools and routine, it’s important to listen to them- you don’t have to fix every problem, just listen and help them talk it through

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  • Don’t stress, give yourself grace- it will take time to get back to your normal routine, and that is the key: routine.
  • Also remember sleep, stress and other things that can contribute to habits changing- recognize that and talk about it

Wanting to eat healthier: What’s the first step?

  • First and foremost- get back in the routine of family meals- make it part of your routine, include your child in planning
  • Family meals are not only good for our bodies, they are good for our families.