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You Don't Have To Pay To Activate That Gadget!

Scammers are charging people to activate their devices. Don't fall for it!

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Alright, you've got a cool new gadget like the amazon echo. But you need help activating it. There's no shame in that. But looking for that help in the wrong places can cost you a lot of money.

According to the BBB, Here's how the scam works. You purchase a gadget that needs to be activated. When you're ready to use it. you look for a customer support phone number -- but the one you find isn't the actual number.

And once you get on the phone -- they try to charge you to activate the device you already paid for.

So here's how to protect yourself: Make sure you're visiting an official website.

Only go to websites or call numbers that came from your instruction manual. 

Beware of those sponsored links that pop up when you're googling instructions. They appear at the top of your search list -- because they paid to be there. Google has a little note identifying these links. 

And this is one of our 2 wants to know golden rules: Never Ever pay in gift cards or wire transfers! Reputable companies won't force you to pay like that. Its a red flag for scams. 

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