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Scammers try to use 2WTK's Tanya Rivera's debit card! Why multi-factor authentication is so important.

When you have multi-factor authentication, the scammer can't get the code they need to make the purchase.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — This story is personal for 2 Wants To Know. Last night, my phone started buzzing and dinging at 1:15 am.  One after another, there was a message from my bank about a special code to use to confirm my purchase. Someone, somewhere was trying to use my debit card number to buy something.

None of the charges ever went through, because the scammer needed a code, but the code was coming to my phone. This is how multi-factor authentication works. This is how you can best protect your money, bank accounts, and social media accounts. 

"Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection and the idea here is if someone gets a hold of your password, they'll need another piece of information, "said Thomas Germain of Consumer Reports. 

Two-factor or multi-factor authentication is a common safeguard on debit and credit cards when online shopping, mobile banking apps, and social media accounts. 

"Multi-authentication is proving who you are by using two kinds of factors. One may be knowing a secret like a password the other may be a fingerprint or some sort of biometrics. The third way would be something you own., you know the secret and you have your phone, that is safer than just using the password alone," said Joseph Steinberg, Cyber Security Expert. 

Along with the multi-factor authentication, you should set up alerts on your phone or email. This is a second layer of protection. The alerts can be for anything from when a payment is made when bills are due, low balance, transfer, or withdrawals. 

Gone are the days we can look at a statement once a month, your money requires your everyday attention. 


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