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Be Careful When You Use That Space Heater In Your Bathroom

Space heaters in bathrooms are not ideal. But neither are freezing bathrooms. Here's how to do it safely.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Remember that as a general rule of thumb space heaters should stay away from water sources.  

But a frigid bathroom isn't ideal. So make sure the heater is far away from water. 

If you put a space heater in the bathroom make sure you have Ground-fault-circuit interrupter outlets to prevent a fatal shock. Sounds complicated? It isn't. If your outlet has a "test" and "reset" button. It's good to go. 

For added protection get a space heater with an Appliance leakage current interrupter plug. It helps monitor and safeguard against current changes. 

Consumer Reports tested a bunch of heaters and only two had this type of plug. 

The DeLonghi HVF-3555-TB heater performed well in tests and had the plug. 

Click here if you're interested in it. 

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