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If you see these election claims on social media, keep scrolling

Following these election-related claims could keep your vote from counting.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With in-person voting starting today... There's a new crop of misinformation we need to sift through. Like various claims that only certain parties can come in to vote on certain days. Election day is only on November 3rd. Early voting goes through Halloween.

There are other myths about voting by calling, texting or casting a ballot online. There are only two ways you can vote: in-person or by mail.

Finally, one of the most concerning claims floating around - there will be widespread voter fraud if the race isn't called on election day.
Election offices nationwide will be dealing with a massive amount of mail-in voting this year.

Several states won't even start counting mailed ballots until the polls close on election day. So we need to think of election day, more like election days or even election weeks.