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Make these money moves in 2023

Coming off the holiday season, you may still be struggling with debt. Moneytips offers ways you can change your finances in 2023.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A new year is a new opportunity to make changes and improve your finances. It can feel tough, especially if you're still dealing with holiday debt. 

Nathan Grant, a Senior Finance Industry Analyst with MoneyTips, laid out ways you can improve your finances in 2023. 

Pay off holiday debt. Carrying high-interest debt into the new year could start your 2023 financial journey on the wrong foot. There are many ways to pay off debt, but what is the best way?

Make financial Resolutions for 2023. With inflation showing no signs of slowing, discuss what are the best steps to take in the new year to get your finances on track.

Look to see if a balance transfer could save you money. Credit card debt is often an uphill battle to pay back, and looking at the pros and cons of a balance transfer credit card might be worth your time when deciding how to tackle your debt.

Work on building your credit in 2023. Improving your credit score can help you better navigate the outside stresses that can come from the economic changes lately.

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