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Need more money week to week: Change your credit card payment date

Maybe too many bills fall on one week, or you want to make your bill due on your payday.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — In my world, every two weeks there is a payday.
Here's the problem, all three of my credit card bills were due on one payday.
It makes these weeks really tight. So, I wanted to move one of the due dates to another payday week so I could balance things out a little better.

No doubt, I'm not the only person on earth who wants to do this, right?

“This is not uncommon. Most issuers are going to let you do this, but they're not required by law to do that. Most of the time there is no pushback,” said Nathan Grant, Senior Analyst for Moneytips.com

When I called my credit card, I told them I wanted to change my statement date. That was in July. I figured I would give them a few months for it to go into effect. But when the date still wasn't changed by October, I called again. This time they said it was my statement date that was changed, but my due date wasn't. Great.

By December, I called again, and this time they told me it was my actual payment date that needed to be changed. *sigh*

You guessed it, I already had to call in January of 2023.
This time they told me to make it work, I needed to change my bank withdrawal date. OMG. I finally said the words: I no longer want my bill due, taken out of my bank, paid to you on this day. Whatever it takes to do that, do that.

I share my experience with you, to help, to encourage you to stay at it. As a consumer, no one will fight for you, as you will fight for yourself.

“It's something you can typically do online but you can  
 just call the 800 number on the back of your card. That's a good way to start,” said Grant.

Do you want to change your payment date?

No Weekend Dates. You’ll need to have a few dates in mind. Most cards don't let you change to any date that falls on a weekend throughout the year. So, while you may want the 14th of the month, you may have to take the 12th.

You can only select dates from the 1st to the 28th of the month. These are days in every month of the year, companies will only set dates within this range.

MoneyTips.com has a list of major credit cards and how to change your due date for each one.


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