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Gift Cards Are Being Mailed Out to Random People. The Cards Are Real, But The BBB Is Investigating.

The cards come in a greeting card. The cards are real. The business is real. But the BBB is warning you.

Getting presents in the mail is always a good thing, right? Recently, a woman got a greeting card filled with gift cards. Come to find out, the cards are real but the mailing is questionable. . 

The gift cards can be traced back to a company called Mothers Lounge.  It's a real business and the gift cards are real too. But as soon as you enter the card into the website, the BBB says they have complaints of the cost of shipping jumping up, wiping out the value of the gift card, and leaving you to pay the rest.

The Better Business Bureau has even issued a warning about it this week, and even says the products being shipped from Mother Lounge are of low quality. So, if you get one of these letters, be aware.

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This kind of mailing is similar to the water test you get in your mailbox. It is also legitimate, but costs you somewhere down the line. 

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