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Understanding the do's and don'ts of home remodeling | 2 Wants to Know

Laura Redd said remodeling can get unnecessarily stressful and costly if you don't do enough planning before starting.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Are you thinking of starting a remodeling project on your home? Maybe you want to refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

The process can be complicated and costly. We spoke with Laura Redd from Laura Redd Interiors in Greensboro to help prepare for starting a project.

Redd said the first step is planning. She said think more about your lifestyle and habits than the actual look. You want a functional space.

Redd said then comes the building part, and you'll need to get a contractor unless you plan to do the work yourself. She gave a few things to you should consider when hiring one.

  • Meet with your prospect and discuss your ideas. Ask questions about times they failed on a project, and see how they solved the problems.
  • Ask neighbors and friends for recommendations.
  • Ask if the contractor plans to do all the work or if they will use subcontractors.
  • A general contractor carries a North Carolina license. Project that require less than $30,000 worth of work do no require a general contractor.
  • Be wary of contractor that are readily available during this busy time. There's probably a reason they don't have work right now.

Redd said people tend to make two mistakes on job sites. They don't plan correctly, which causes major delays. Others don't ask enough questions on the front end, so the end result doesn't meet their vision.

Redd thinks you need to bring designers in on any remodeling project. They can help give contractors a clear vision of what you want.

As you start any major remodeling project, Redd said to prepare for delays and paying for overages due to unforeseen circumstances. The process is stressful and needs to be planned well to go smoothly.

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