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If a tree falls on your car, are you covered? How to know before the next ice storm.

Just recently, a Greensboro mom lost her car due to a falling tree. If you don't have comprehensive coverage, you'll be paying for your damaged car.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — When an icy tree recently fell on a Greensboro woman’s car, it shattered the windshield and ripped open the back window. You might think, ‘That's what insurance is for' and you're right, but only if she had the right kind of insurance.

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Comprehensive Coverage: Helps pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it's stolen or damaged by a non-accident-- fire, vandalism, falling objects like a tree or hail.

If your car is financed, the finance company requires you to have comprehensive coverage but if not, comprehensive coverage is optional. And if you don't have it and a tree falls on your car, the insurance company owes you nothing, you pay all costs.

Here's the good news, comprehensive coverage is immediate.
Call tomorrow & it starts then.


If you have an older car--- you need to do the math to figure out if getting comprehensive insurance is worth it. Nerd Wallet has not just the equation, but those numbers mean for you.

The equation they use includes:

Car Value – Comprehensive Deductible = XX

XX – Cost of Comprehensive Coverage for 6 months = YY

If you get a negative number here-- it's not worth it. If you get a large positive number or an amount you wouldn't be able to come up with an emergency, insurance makes sense.


The answer most of the time is….you. If your tree falls on your house or your neighbor's tree falls on your house, it’s your insurance. The only time this doesn’t hold true is if the tree was documented to be a problem.

Know this, homeowners policies cover house damage due to a fallen tree. If the tree just falls in the yard, it’s your responsibility. And, homeowners policies don’t cover tree removal clean-up.

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