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Farmers Provide The Food We’ll Eat On Thanksgiving, But They Don’t Make Much Off It

The National Farmers Union says farmers and ranchers make 12.1 cents from every dollar spent on Thanksgiving food.

When you sit down for your Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, you'll have a lot of tasty food to choose from.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, greens, stuffing, rolls and on and on. Farmers and ranchers provide the food we eat, but they don't make much off of it.

Both make about 12 cents from every dollar spent on food for Thanksgiving. That's the total the National Farmers Union told farmprogress.com.

Here's a breakdown: wheat farmers take home 3 cents on a dozen dinner rolls that retail for $2.69. Turkey growers get 6 cents per pound on birds that cost $1.49 in the store. Dairy producers earn $1.66 for a $4.59 gallon of milk.

The remaining food costs go to marketing, processing, wholesaling, distribution and retailing.

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