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What's the danger in going to the pool?

It's not the water. COVID-19 can't survive the chlorine. It's what happens outside the water.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Being in the pool water is not the problem. There's chlorine in it and therefore the COVID-19 virus is not going to live in the water.

But, there is still a danger. Cone Health's Dr. Zoe Stallings explains,” It's the issue of you using the bathroom, you touching surfaces, sharing towels. It's those things that make it risky. If you were to get out of the pool and spit on the ground, or you often see people choke and cough and spit in the pool area, that’s the issue.”

Let's tackle the surfaces first. Experts advise you bring your own stuff-- from the towels, masks, goggles, pool noodles, and kickboards.

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While the pool staff may disinfect between uses, it's not a bad idea to bring wipes for the lounge chairs and tables you'll be using. And when you do use shared spaces like the bathroom or the shower, make sure you wash your hands before you touch your face.

Social distancing applies to the pool, but not just in the pool. If you're in line for the bathroom or the concession stand, distance yourself. And that brings up another point: How many people are at the pool.

“You want to limit the number of people at the pool. You can do that yourself. If you get there and the pool is crowded, you leave and try another day.”

Total disappointment if that happens right? My solution running through the sprinkler at home.