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Ready to vote? You're going to the polls 3 times this year.

From primaries to the general election and some municipalities have their own general election too.
Credit: WFMY

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Get ready to go to the polls in May, July (if you live in Greensboro), and November.

Primary Election Day in North Carolina is May 17, 2022.
The way primaries work in our state, if you're Republican, you only get to vote for Republican candidates. If you're a Democrat, you only get to vote for Democratic candidates.

For example, when you look at the ballots, they will have some of the same races and names on them, but not all.
In Greensboro, you’ll see the names for Mayor on both of these ballots is the same. That's because the mayoral race is non-partisan.

When it comes to the sheriff, it is partisan, so you’ll see different names on the ballot. Whatever party you're registered for--- that's the ballot you get.  

“Democrats vote on a Democratic slate, Republicans on a Republican slate but an unaffiliated voter is different, they'll be asked which one they want to participate in. The unaffiliated voter comes in they get to pick only the Democrats or only Republican, not a mix of the two,” said Charlie Collicutt, the Director of the Guilford County Board of Elections.

In the general election, November 8, 2022, that's when you see all the candidates on your ballot.

Now, if you live in the City of Greensboro, you will have a city general election where you will make the final vote for mayor and city council--that's July 26, 2022. Chances are, the July date was not on your radar.

Now, here's one more thing you need to know and it’s about what you don't need to bring with you when you vote.

“For this election, that we know of, we're not asking for ID at the polls to vote on election day. We're not doing that because of the things going on at court. Could that change at some point? Yes, but as of right now, we are not having to show id on election day,” said Collicutt.

 Use the VOTER SEARCH tool to look up your sample ballot. 


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