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Update your Apple devices now & make sure these two items are nowhere to be found...

Without the update, there are two vulnerabilities that allow a hacker to take control of your device. Cyber security expert Joseph Steinberg guides us through it.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — In case you missed it, there's an urgent plea from Apple: you need to update all your Apple devices right now, as in, immediately. There are two security issues that would allow a hacker to take complete control of your device. Is it happening in mass numbers? No. But the vulnerability is there.

  • Go to settings
  • General
  • Software updates
  • Tap automatic updates

Most Apple users believe their devices are immune from hackers. I know, it’s part of why I bought into having all Apple devices. So, if you’re wondering, how could Apple let this happen…

“There are literally millions of lines of code that are written to run these devices and small mistakes in a large number of codes, the needle in the haystack, can cause serious security vulnerabilities,” said Joseph Steinberg, cyber security expert.

Steinberg says vulnerabilities and urgent updates are almost something that we need to expect, every so often. Whether it's Apple this time, or Android, Zoom, or Chrome, you need to do software updates. Don't wait.

Take these two things off your Apple devices: 

You may be wondering, do you need to change your passwords? Steinberg says no, but there are two things he says you should take off your devices right now.

“If people have private photos or documents that list passwords for accounts, these kinds of things belong in a safe deposit box or somewhere safe at home, safe, all puns intended. But they do not belong online and not on a computer. I do recommend the most sensitive passwords you store only in your head,” said Steinberg.

In case I need to say this for someone out there: if any of your passwords are any rendition of 12345678, stop. Really. Let's talk about what makes a good password.

How to choose a good password:

Have it be a phrase or a place and a name, put the capital letter somewhere else besides at the start, and put the number in the middle somewhere.

While nothing is 100% hackproof, remember this...

“It's a risk and reward. If you want to go back to using a pen and paper and a typewriter and calculator that will give you better cyber security than using a computer, but there are major tradeoffs,” said Steinberg.  

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