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Who do you know that needs to hear this story? How the 'child in trouble' or 'grandparent scam' works

The caller sounds like the person you know, and they claim they need your help. Don't let your emotions get the best of you.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — This is my question, who ya gonna call after you read this story? Every one of us has a person in our lives who needs to hear this so they can be ready if it happens to them.

A Georgia couple lost more than $8,000 after getting a phone call they thought was from their daughter.

“The call came in around 2:17 pm and it sounded just like my daughter's voice. She was panicking and crying and she said dad I hit another car I was in an accident and the lady in the other car was pregnant,” said George Schwartz.

The scammer pretending to be the daughter claimed she needed money sent to her attorney to get her bonded out from jail and to get her phone back. That's when they got out the money from the ATM.

“I called texted her assuming she was out and had her phone back and she said dad what are you talking about,” said Schwartz.

The scammers pretend to be you or a grandchild and they're panicked and crying and they need money right away. So, now I ask my question again, who ya gonna call? Who in your family do you need to tell this story to in an effort to warn them.  

Listen to what the BBB says you should do if you're worried the call is real and how to tell if it's fake.

“Check out  the story with other family members. Don’t call the number the person is calling from or gave you. Text and call your family member directly. Ask them questions that only they would know. “