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Call 211: AARP & NC 211 team up to help caregivers find resources

Do you help a friend or family member with meals, meds, finances, or getting to places? 211 can help.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — If you find yourself driving a friend or loved one to appointments or daily activities.

If you help them manage finances or even pay a few of their bills yourself.

If you help them figure out their meds, get them meals, or do chores for them, then you're a caregiver. It could be an everyday responsibility or a once-a-week thing.

Either way, the United Way of North Carolina wants to help you with their 211 hotline.

“When someone calls 211 and identifies themself as a caregiver our team knows a little more about the resources they need do you need meals delivered a few days a week so they can be free to do other things, maybe they need a support group, maybe they need to learn some skills around caregiving maybe they need a group that has info on Alzheimer's or dementia to help them understand how to interact with their loved ones,” said Heather Black, Vice-President United Way NC 211.

This new feature of 211 is free and available to anyone in North Carolina. You can call any time of day, any day of the week.

The added feature is thanks to a partnership with AARP.
Along with the resources they can point you to, the NC 211 navigators are also trained to help the caregiver, personally.

“So, our navigators have the time and the space to call and say I'm just calling to check on you today. How you're feeling, how your stress level is and if there is anything you need,” said Black.

Caregivers call 211. They're now trained to help you, but really 211 has resources for all of us, from consumer services, healthcare, and community help for a variety of things.


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