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Cinderella the burned cat gets her fairy tale ending

Police say Cinderella was intentionally set on fire and left for dead. Two months later, she's still recovering and living her best life in a forever home.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A cat found severely burned in Asheboro has a new forever home. In May, doctors and police say someone intentionally burned Cinderella. She barely clung to life with more than two-thirds of her body covered in third degree burns.

"For someone to just do this to this poor little innocent little creature, I mean it was heartbreaking,"  Sally Schumann said. Schumann began to foster Cinderella with her husband Dan in early June after a visit to Sheets Pet Clinic in Greensboro, but eventually adopted her.

"It was a long road a long road with a lot of surgeries and we are just thrilled that she was such a trooper and that she made it through okay," Dr. Kim Sheets said.

'It’s A Very Evil Thing To Do' Asheboro Woman Finds Cat With Third Degree Burns

Dr. Sheets treated Cinderella from day one. She says she was always optimistic the tough cat would pull through.

"She wasn't going to give up, so I wasn't going to give up either," Dr. Sheets said.

Cinderella is happy and healthy in her new home with her new mom. And despite all the trauma she went through, she's still full of cuddles. "From the first photo that they showed after it happened you wouldn't think she's coming this far this quickly," Schumann said "Care, love have made a big difference."

Care and love, things Schumann said Cinderella not only receives, but gives."She's given me so much with all the attention I can give her," Schumann said. 

Cinderella still has some stitches that need to be removed, which should happen next week.

In the meantime, police are still looking for whoever set her on fire.

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