WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.-- A Subway employee is on administrative leave following an incident at a shop in Newnan, GA.

The employee called 9-1-1 on them scared they were going to rob the place.

The Dobson family says it all came down to the color of their skin.

The family from Winston-Salem spent the weekend in Georgia celebrating their Grandmother's 81st birthday and stopped at the Subway on Newnan Crossing Blvd. in Newnan on their way back.

"We walk in. We pay for our subs. We sit down. We have those. We asked for cups of ice because you know you travel with kids you have juice," said Felicia Dobson.

After they were done eating mom Felicia says she told everyone to use the bathroom before they left.

Little did they know, the store employee had frantically called 9-1-1.

"They need to go. They just need to go," said the employee. " It's not a customer. It's about eight people in a van and they've been in the store for about an hour and they keep going back-and-forth to the bathroom by my back door."

In the call, the employee also accuses the family of filling their water cups with soda. An officer arrived minutes later.

"He said, 'She said you looked suspicious. She's been robbed before and she thought you were going to rob her again.'" explained Felicia Dobson.

"Husband and Wife, sister and four children I don't know where she gets we are going to rob her." said Othniel Dobson.

Deja Dobson, 19, says the whole situation made her heart stop.

"It's so many stories police brutality and I really felt that my father and my family could be in danger>

The officer apologized and let them go, but the Dobsons can't stop thinking about it.

A Subway spokesperson said in a statement to WFMY News 2,

" Respect for every individual is a core value of Subway®. It is our expectation and each Franchisee’s goal to make sure that every guest will always be treated with the respect and integrity they deserve. The Franchisee has personally apologized to the family and the employee in question has been placed on leave until a full review is completed."

Franchisee owner Rosh Patel also released a statement saying,

" I take this very seriously and I am fully investigating. I have interviewed all employees involved and will reach out to the family to offer my sincerest apology. I have also used this opportunity to reiterate to my staff the importance of making everyone feel welcome and providing great customer service."

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