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Cash for your house? Greensboro homeowners bombarded with unwanted calls

Callers are making cold calls offering to buy your house for cash. Some are legitimate, but a Greensboro realtor warns, you might not get the home's full value

GREENSBORO, N.C. — There is a new twist to the already explosive housing market.  With big companies including Amazon, Toyota, and PrePac Manufacturing for example choosing to set up in North Carolina and the Triad area specifically, housing values around those big economic development projects are up.

That's good news for sellers, but what if your house is not for sale?  On the market or not, homeowners are getting bombarded with cold calls from people saying, "I want to buy your house and I can pay you for it today!"

Realtor and Broker Ashauna Harris said the calls, fliers, and pamphlets are going out more often and she's gotten a few of them too.

"Normally they say they can pay you cash for your house, right now," Harris said.  "But if I am selling my house, I want as much money as I can get!"

Harris said these unwanted calls offering to buy your house can be legitimate, but the offer is usually lower than what you can get for your home if you put it on the market.  Harris said these offers also come with red tape.

"The purpose of a real estate agent is to make sure the sellers get the most amount of money for your home.  The companies that are reaching out to you will give you an amount of money for your home, but it will not be as much as you would make on the market," said Harris.

Before you accept an offer or give the caller information about you or your home, make sure you do your homework.  Also, keep in mind, in this market, there is no need to rush to sell your home even though an all-cash offer is tempting.

"In this market, your house will sell," Harris said. "Even if your house needs considerable repairs, there is no need to panic into a low deal.  My advice to anyone is to hire a professional. There are other avenues you can take and if it were me and my home, I would not sell to these companies."

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