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'It was a risk, but God said to move back to North Carolina!' Greensboro entrepreneur's career change during COVID doubles profits

A Greensboro woman takes a chance on a new career during COVID and doubles profits within the year

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The pandemic hit and everything changed.  Companies and restaurants closed, people lost their jobs, and some employees shifted careers altogether.

A new report shows 20 percent of Americans changed careers during COVID. Greensboro entrepreneur Joilee Havner is in that number.  

Havner was walking red carpets and living her best life in Los Angeles, California right before the pandemic hit.  

"It was a risk, but God said to move back to North Carolina," she said.  

That was the end of 2019.

"Then the pandemic hit March 2020!  I call that the year of pivot because everybody went, ah!  What now," laughed Havner.

Havner decided it was time to shake things up.  The 30-year-old entrepreneur found a true calling in health and nutrition while giving back to her community.

"I was looking for a job, something that was going to help me sustain what I was used to getting in PR in LA and I could not find anything that was not a desk job or that met my needs," said Havner.  

So, she created a new business, where she's the boss.  Havner is the owner and CEO of Glow Nutrition on West Gate City Blvd. in Greensboro

Starting a health and wellness club during the pandemic was a risk.  As Havner saw other businesses close around her, the profits at Glow Nutrition tipped the scale.

"Wow, I have doubled my percentage!" she said.

Havner also doubled up on her commitment to helping the East Greensboro neighborhood where she grew up.

"I didn't have the best choices.  I actually had a lot of I would call it poverty of food so my choices were limited," explained Havner.  "There's the McDonald's up the street or the Chinese food.  Being from the east side, I just wanted to pour into my community and say there are other options for you," said Havner.

Havner makes replacement shakes and energy drinks, part of the Herbalife weight loss strategy.  She started sampling with recipes at home during the pandemic and opened up her brick and mortar earlier this year.

While it was an unexpected turn in career paths, it worked out!  Havner is an advocate for other entrepreneurs so if you have questions about starting your own business, you can contact her here.