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Local pharmacies impacted by pause in Johnson and Johnson vaccine use

Some Greensboro drug stores no longer have a vaccine to give out, others received a shipment of a different vaccine as the J&J investigation continues.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wednesday the CDC said it needs more time to evaluate the risks associated with Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus shot.

That comes after the FDA and CDC called for a temporary pause in using the single-dose vaccine nationwide, Tuesday.

Six women, one of whom died are known to have come down with an extremely rare blood clotting disorder after receiving the vaccine.

While the pause continues, Triad sites that offer the shots are still adjusting.

Summit Pharmacy and Surgical Supply Pharmacy manager Vishal Patel said they were excited the government allowed them to administer the J&J vaccine.

They even hung posters in their store front to make it known they’re serving the community.

But Tuesday, they stopped vaccinating an underserved part of Greensboro, relying on the shot.

Fortunately they found a quick solution.

Lest than 24 hours after pausing their vaccine distribution the government sent Summit Pharmacy a shipment of the Moderna vaccine.

As of Thursday, they have 100 vaccines available.

Their weekly allotment will vary based on the demand.

“It’s a great honor and feeling to help the community especially in this pandemic where everyone is affected in all ways,” Patel said. “So I always make sure I have enough vaccine available at my place so whoever is in need just call us and we’ll make sure they’re always protected.

Before news broke on the J&J investigation the drug store used the vaccine for about 10 days and had given the shot to 200 people.

"If they have any kind of reaction they should report to the government or report to us and we can report to the government,” Patel said. “But I don't see any reason to panic about it because it's a very small percentage compared to the doses given of the J&J.”

The best way to book an appointment with Summit Pharmacy is by giving them a call at (336) 763-7282 

Not all Triad drug stores are as fortunate as Summit Pharmacy.

Friendly Pharmacy on Lawndale Drive said they’ve paused the Johnson and Johnson vaccine until further notice.

The pharmacy said they’re contacting those who booked J&J appointments to cancel their reservation.

Friendly is unsure when they’ll get a different vaccine to administer.

The same goes for Starmount Pharmacy on East Market Street.

A great online tool to find the closest site near you giving out the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine is the CDC's vaccine finder.

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