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'Our sales quadrupled' | Businesses find a fresh start Downtown Greensboro

A wine bar, natural skin care company and bowling alley are some of the new additions in the Gate City.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The pandemic has hit businesses hard.    

In the year since the onset of coronavirus in North Carolina some have had to close their doors, others are finding fresh starts and setting up shop in the heart of the Gate City.

As COVID restrictions are lifted, there’s spaces opening up downtown where folks can get their hands on some unique items.

A new natural skin care and wellness company called the Black Belt Soap Company opened in December.

The owner, Temeka Carter-Petrishen said she began making her own soaps in 2016.

It became a way to cope with the loss her only daughter.

Business was going so well, opening a physical location became a necessity.

“When the country shut down our online sales quadrupled. Packages were to the ceiling in our home and garage,” Carter Petrishen said. “People were asking to meet at gas stations, store parking lots even come to our home. I told my husband I think it’s time we get a physical location.”

The brick and mortar is located at 416 East Market Street.

You’ll find an array of items from face serums, body butters, and soaps with natural ingredients like sea moss, to yoni products.

Making natural products is something Carter-Petrishen said is in her blood.

Her great grandmother also made soaps.

The Black Belt Soap company is using their new space to support other small businesses looking to bounce back from the pandemic.

“We’ve been inviting other small businesses to come into our store and they don’t have to pay anything," Carter-Petrishen said. "We want them to be successful we invite our customers to shop with them and follow them on social media. That’s been successful for us.”

Coming to downtown Greensboro in May is a win bar.

Lewis and Elm is currently hiring as they get closer to opening their 600 South Elm Street store front.

They’ll offer wine, beer, cheese and light refreshments.

And if physical activity is more your style you many want to brush up on our bowling skills.

Downtown is getting its first bowling alley. 

Bourbon Bowl on Elm Streel will have 6 indoor lanes.

They'll have food and drinks as well.

We’re waiting to hear back on an opening date.