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'He's a Coward, Just Turn Yourself In' Family Seeks Justice After Mother of Three Gunned Down With Kids in the Car

Carolyn Tiger was killed the very day, and very hour of her sons birthday, and birthday party.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Tuesday night in a cozy Greensboro apartment, more than a dozen friends and family members gathered to talk about 26-year-old Carolyn Rose Tiger. 

"She was an amazing person, she always brought light to the room, brought three beautiful kids on this earth," her husband Kenny Christopher said.

"She was full of life, a beautiful person and mother and sister," sibling Brennin Haugen said.

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"Anyone who knew her will always remember her," Tiger's mother Teata Haugen said." There was just so much life, so much to give, never sought out the bad in anyone.”

Greensboro Police say on Sunday, Carolyn Tiger was driving down the intersection of Patton Avenue and S. Elm-Eugene Street when a driver blocked her car in the middle of the road – in the middle of the day – grabbed a rifle from his trunk – and opened fire at her car.

"He had the guts to do it right in front of a police station in broad daylight," one sibling said. "To see the kids in the car and still, just not care?"

The family said Tiger's 2 year old son was in the car in his car seat at the time of the shooting, asleep. They said another 14 year old family friend was in the passenger seat and managed to walk away uninjured. But Carolyn Tiger, died.

"Now her children will grow up without a mother, her parents don’t have a daughter anymore.”

Police say the victim, Tiger, and the suspect were possibly involved in a minor accident before the suspect pulled out a rifle. 

No matter the circumstances, Tiger's family says it was absolutely not worth taking her life. 

“Look how much you took away for nothing – absolutely nothing. You could’ve gotten your car fixed."

Now the family wants one thing: justice. 

"Just turn yourself in you know? Give her kids the justice they deserve and her family,” sister Rhiannon Haugen said. 

“We just need justice we just need this person to come forward,” mom Teata said. 

Tiger was killed the very day, and very hour of her sons birthday, and birthday party. William Christopher turned eight years old.

"On his birthday, in the middle of his birthday party," husband Kenny Christopher said. That's when he got the text that changed his life. 

"She texted me around 4:30 p.m. {Sunday} and said she was on the way and around 5 I got the text that said she was at the hospital."

He said she was out getting last minute party favors when her life was taken. 

Tiger leaves behind three children: 8 year old William, 5 year old Amayah and 2 year old Jakari. 

Amayah is heartbroken, and had this to say about her mothers death: 

"She was really fun, she didn't deserve to die."

Greensboro Police say this is an ongoing investigation. 

S. Elm-Eugene Homicide Investigation Update GREENSBORO, NC (Mar. 5, 2019) - On March 3, 2019 at approximately 4:35 p.m. the Greensboro Police Department responded to the intersection of Patton...

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