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Is Dixie Leaving The Fair? Winston-Salem City Officials Say It’s Possible But Not Definite

It's not definitely changing, though it is being discussed, and the City of Winston-Salem is asking for name suggestions.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Let's clear up some confusion. 

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The name 'Dixie Classic Fair' could stick around. 

It's not definitely changing, though it is being discussed, and the City of Winston-Salem is asking for name suggestions.

This is a tweet from the City-of-Winston-Salem early Wednesday. 

Credit: City of Winston-Salem Twitter

It reads 'we have started a process to change the name of the Dixie Classic Fair.'

So that seems like a done deal right? 

Not so fast. 

Ed McNeal with the City's communications team says the council is going through the process of considering name changes, but that doesn't mean the name will change. 

So where did the idea to change the name come from?

The April 9th City Council meeting where three people took to the podium, pleading for a change. 

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"I'm expressing concern as a community about a name that is very derogatory and divisive and that is the Dixie Classic fair," one speaker said. 

 "Lets start over and give the fair a name that everybody would feel comfortable with," another speaker said. 

"This Dixie is not to be glorified and needs to be remembered for what it was; the oppression and enslavement of men and women," the last speaker said. 

The speakers all said the word 'Dixie' represents southern states that fought to hold onto slavery.

The council will receive ideas and then, only at that point will we know if the council will go through with it. 


City leaders are now asking for your help to submit ideas for a new name for the fair. Name suggestions can be submitted through an online survey, or by calling the citizen feedback telephone line, or at a public hearing.

The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, May 7 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in the Neil Bolton Home & Garden Building on the fairgrounds.

If you want to call the citizen feedback line dial, 336-734-1400.

The survey will be posted through June 3 visit the link, HERE

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