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Landowner Wants Winston-Salem Confederate Statue Removed

The confederate statue itself is still owned by the United Daughters Of Confederacy, but the land is owned by someone else.

In a letter to the United Daughters Of Confederacy, a lawyer representing the "Winston Courthouse, LLC" tells leaders of the United Daughters Of Confederacy they would like the monument moved.

This is a complex issue involving the City, County, the United Daughters Of Confederacy, and the private property owner.

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The County used to own the Courthouse, but sold it to the private property owner.

However, the confederate statue itself is still owned by the United Daughters Of Confederacy.

See Full Copy Of the Letter Here

In the letter, the property owner says it is their "primary responsibility is to the residents of the Property who have a right to enjoy a quality living space."

The Mayor of Winston-Salem said he gets it.

"I can understand their actions and wanting to enforce their rights as a property owner to have something objectionable removed from their property. I think it certainly clarifies what we've said all along that this is on private property and I think their letter made it very clear that they believe they own it," said Mayor Allen Joines.

The letter goes on to say the recent controversy, media attention, and potential violence aren't allowing residents to live the way they deserve to.

Since all of this is going on, the property owner says they "cannot allow the Statue to remain on the Property."

They are also asking that it be moved by January 31st, the same date as the city of Winston-Salem.

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