The North Carolina General Assembly is considering changing the grading scale used for overall state performance scores to evaluate public schools.

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Right now, anything less than a 60-percent mark is a failing grade. The new scale would change that to anything less than 40 percent. 

The bill reads: "For all schools, the total school performance score shall be converted to a 100-point scale and used to determine an overall school performance grade. The overall school performance grade shall be based on the following scale and shall not be modified to add any other designation related to other performance measures, such as a 'plus' or 'minus.'"

*Note: the bill is about grading the school's performance not individual students or teachers.*

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The new scale to grade SCHOOLS would be:

  • A: 100 to 85 percent  
  • B: 84 to 70 percent   
  • C: 69 to 55 percent    
  • D: 54 to 40 percent
  • F: Anything below 40 percent

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The bill is viewable here

School report cards from the 2017 school year have results for individual schools and counties. Wake County schools have just a 0.6 percent fail rate. Cumberland County has 1.2 percent fail rate. Durham County has 18 percent failure rate.

Click here to see scores from the Department of Public Instruction.