ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — "We're just glad the car was there to slow down that dump truck because if it wasn't I would be you know," said 12-year-old, Alex Davis. 

He was sitting just feet away from the living room, where a dump truck plowed through just before 3 p.m. Monday afternoon.

This mangled car was the one thing that may have stopped this dump truck from coming any further through the living room here off Highway 70 in Orange County. 

"I was sitting at the dining table just sitting there on my tablet and all the sudden the house started shaking and everything fell off the walls," said Davis.

His sister was getting off the bus right when this happened. He says normally, she'd be sitting right where the truck went into the home, watching TV. 

"Her school bus was sitting right there and she came running off crying," Davis said.

"Seconds. When I say seconds, not minutes, seconds," said Sean Green, the father of the kids, "and she sits on that chair every day and watches cartoons."

Wedding pictures and family memories that used to be hanging on the living room wall, are now among the debris.

"Like I told my son and told my daughter you can replace the materialistic things but you can't replace a life you know," said Sean Green.

"I just pray to the lord that I'm OK. I'm glad he protected me," said Davis.

"We blessed that we still alive, still here, that's the main thing, you know," said Green.

The family says crews were out working to restore power and get this cleaned up since Monday afternoon.

The truck was towed away around 8:30 Monday night.

North Carolina Highway Patrol says Xavier Kobree Hill was driving the truck when he crossed the center line, went off the road, and hit a utility pole. 

Police say the truck then hit the parked car in the driveway, before hitting the home. 

Police say the preliminary investigation shows Hill was possibly experiencing a medical condition. 


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