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My 2 Cents: Are you team pumpkin or sweet potato pie?

WFMY News 2's Lauren Coleman explores the rivalry between the two classic Fall desserts.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie?

This debate always comes up this time of year.   

It can get pretty heated too. 

People don't play when it comes to their favorite Fall classic desserts. 

I'm more of a sweet potato pie girl myself. 

These are the pies both grandmother and mom made every Thanksgiving and Fall Season.

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To tell you the truth, I didn't have my first slice of pumpkin pie until I was an adult.

In my opinion, it's quite tasty but not as great as the sweet potato pie. 

The pies look about the same, so what makes the two so different? 

According to one article, sweet potato pie is lighter on spices and texture and sweetened with molasses, while pumpkin pie is all about spices. 

I guess that's where the concept of pumpkin spice comes from. 

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Some food critics say it's based on region, with pumpkin pie traditionally eaten by people from the Northeast and sweet potato pie popular among those in the South. 

This is a rivalry that has been going on for decades, so I  don't know if we'll ever get down to the bottom of which is best. 

My question is, why can't we have both? 

As long as it's made with love and care, there's always room for dessert. 

That's My 2 Cents. 

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