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Deaf batgirl gets chance to play

9th grader Rachael Brooks is the batgirl for Wheatmore High School's softball team, but her teammates will tell you she's even more than that.

TRINITY, N.C. — It was a special moment for a big part of Wheatmore High School's softball team. Their batgirl got an opportunity she'd been waiting for. A chance to play. 

Meet 9th grader Rachael Brooks. She's the team's batgirl. 

She's also deaf. 

Rachael hasn't let that stop her. She just played in the final home game of the season. 

She got her first shot at bat a few weeks ago - an opportunity that she thought was cool, but something that really moved her teammates. 

“I cried a lot. I shed a few tears. She’s worked so hard. She comes out here every day. She tries. She practices with us every single day. There’s not a day she doesn’t want to be out there and she just deserved to get some playing time like the rest of us," Hannah Davenport, senior Wheatmore softball player, said.

Hannah said Rachael's lessons go beyond the diamond. 

“Rachel taught me to be more patient and to listen, to be able to walk around and talk to people, that even though they have a limitation doesn’t mean that that stops them from being our friend or able to bond with us," she said. 

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