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She's on the frontline of Winston-Salem's biggest healthcare problem

Dr. Raven Scales is the Pharmacy Director at United Health Center's Pharmacy in Winston-Salem.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — "When I found out I had the job, I spent the whole night crying tears of joy," Dr. Raven Scales, United Health Centers Pharmacy Director, said.

Scales said she felt like she beat the odds. She says she didn't expect to be in a position like this. 

"My last year in pharmacy school there is like this big conference you go to do interviews to try to see if you want a residency or a fellowship and I had interviews and things lined up and I didn't get any," Scales said. "I didn't get a residency. I didn't get a fellowship." 

Scales said her journey didn't start out as she wanted but learned every step was exactly what she needed. First, she was an intern at Rite-Aid, and eventually, she became a Walgreen's pharmacy manager before landing the job at this newly established pharmacy. 

"There are thousands in this community that have poor health literacy," Scales said. "Don't have transportation. Don't have the funds to be able to afford doctor's visits or their medications." 

Scales wants to bridge the healthcare gap. 

"Patients who come in and see our doctors have access to these medications that are more affordable," Scales said. "So for example, we have a 90 day supply of Januvia for $45. It's probably $1500 without insurance." 

Scales said you have to live it to really understand.

"I'm just a prime example of someone who may have needed a pharmacy like this, so being able to relate and connect to the people in this community [means a lot]," Scale said. "My family members are in this community, my friends, friends of friends, friends of the family, so just being able to understand where they are and bring them where I am [means a lot]." 

Scales wakes up every morning oh-so grateful!

"I had my moments where I thought God forgot about me, but had I went that route I would not be here now," Scale said.


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