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Fallen tree took out power and damages car

A massive tree came crashing down around 8 p.m. Sunday night. It knocked out power to several homes in Winston-Salem.
Credit: Kevin Kennedy

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A day after a powerful winter storm hit the Triad, people spent their time clearing driveways and steps. Layers of ice still covered thousands of roads. Hundreds of people are still without power.

“It’s cold, real cold,” Daryl Green said.

The power went out at Green’s house Sunday night. A giant tree one block away fell on a car after hitting a power pole snapping power lines on the way down. 

“It was like a giant boom. We thought it was a car crash,” Demiko Morgan said.

The car the tree crushed belonged to his girlfriend. Work crews cleared the tree off the road, but it is still resting on the car. Morgan’s girlfriend is not insured for this and wondered if the car would start.

“It could have fallen toward the house and landed on a room with my daughter and girlfriend in it,” Morgan said.

While power crews worked to get the electricity running again in Winston-Salem, Green spent the morning scraping ice off his steps and sidewalk.

“Just trying to get it done so we don’t slip and fall when we need to go out,” Green said.

Rickey Lee-Gilmore went for a walk this morning. It just wasn’t planned. He ran out of gas and had to walk to the closest gas station. Lee-Gilmore was about a mile into the walk when a lady offered to get him some gas.

“That is really nice. I feel blessed,” Lee-Gilmore said.

While downtown Greensboro wasn’t too busy on this Martin Luther King holiday, that wasn’t the case at Pizzeria L’Italiano. The restaurant had an order for 100 pizzas come in.

“We are pleased to serve Greensboro community do the best help, everybody, in tough times,” the owner said.

Major roads in the area are mostly clear of snow and ice, but many secondary roads in neighborhoods still have icy roads. Crews hope to start working on those neighborhood roads later today and tomorrow.

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