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BLOG: Outer Banks Inundated With Flooding and Destruction After Dorian

Dorian is hitting the Carolinas! The storm has been downgraded to a category 1, but the state is still feeling its wrath.

RALEIGH, N.C. — 9:26 p.m. FRIDAY - Parts of NC-12 destroyed by Dorian. The NCDOT reports two 500 foot sections of road in this condition in Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands. 

Our engineers have made some initial assessments on hurricane damage to NC12 on both Ocracoke and Hatteras Islands. The picture below is from Ocracoke. There are two 500 foot sections of road in...

6:00 p.m. FRIDAY - Emergency crews and hundreds of National Guard members are working to rescue people in Ocracoke Island.

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5:11 p.m. FRIDAY - Why so much flooding in the Outer Banks? This might help! 

5:00 p.m. FRIDAY - Wrightsville Beach dodged Dorian. People there said they were truly lucky. 

4:54 p.m. FRIDAY - Tornado recovery effort begins in Emerald Isle. 

4:45 p.m. FRIDAY - Gen. Ernst: "521 soldiers are mobilized in 10 locations using 181 vehicles. Been delivering communications equipment, some Urban Search and Rescue techs and other staff and supplies to needed areas."

4:44 p.m. FRIDAY - A 79-year-old man was airlifted who needed medical care. Helicopter crews are currently looking for those who are stranded. 

4:43 p.m. FRIDAY - Shelter is open in Washington County for those who want to seek shelter from Ocracoke.

4:40 p.m. FRIDAY - There are 135,000 power outages and about 81 roads are closed.

4:35 p.m. FRIDAY - North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said at least 800 people are stranded in Ocracoke which has been inundated with flooding and destruction.

4:22 p.m. FRIDAY - Highest winds reported during Dorian 

4:11 p.m. FRIDAY - Estimated rain totals for Dorian 

4:02 p.m. FRIDAY - Dorian going back out to sea but will hit land again 

3:31 p.m. FRIDAY - Winds calm down in Kill Devil Hills 

3:15 p.m. FRIDAY - Sand duns lower on Wrightsville Beach 

3:00 p.m. FRIDAY - Avalon Pier destroyed. 

2:29 p.m. FRIDAY - Extensive damage after a tornado hit Thursday morning in Emerald Isle. 

2:09 p.m. FRIDAY - Beach homes destroyed in Emerald Isle. People trying to clean up the damage. 

12:30 FRIDAY- Dorian continues to hammer the coast. More than 75 shelters remain open for those needing a safe place to stay. DOT reports ten primary routes are closed due to water or trees blocking the road. A bridge is reported out on NC 12 just north of Ocracoke

11:25 a.m. FRIDAY - Dorian is hammering the Outer Banks with flooding in Ocracoke and Hatteras. NC Governor Cooper says hundreds are stranded on Ocracoke Island. 

“Look out for quick rising storm surge and flash flooding at the coast. Do not try to return home until your local officials have said it is safe to do so. We can not let our guard down,” Governor Cooper said.

Dangerous flash floods and tornadoes remain a possibility through the day. The storm is expected to continue to move swiftly and clear the state tonight.

Storm surges are expected to reach four to seven feet from Surf City north to Duck, with the potential of two to four foot surges from Duck to the Virginia border. The Pamlico and Albemarle sounds are projected to rise quickly today..

9:15 a.m. FRIDAY - Dorian made its first U.S. landfall on Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. 

8:00 a.m. FRIDAY - Dorian's eye is 10 miles off Cape Hatteras, NC. More than 370,000 people were without electricity early Friday in the Carolinas and Virginia, according to PowerOutage.us, which tracks outages nationwide.

Video from a home in Corolla, NC - which is on the northern part of the Outer Banks - shows wind and rain slamming the shore. 

7:35 a.m. FRIDAY - Duke Energy Outage Map is reporting nearly 120,000 outages across eastern Carolinas. 

6:45 a.m. FRIDAY - Dorian continues to scrape the NC coast, with the worst weather hitting the Outer Banks. Power is out for nearly 200,000 homes and businesses in eastern NC. 

5:00 a.m. FRIDAY - The eye of Dorian is passing east of Cape Lookout. NHS says the storm-surge warning south of Surf City, NC has been discontinued. 

3:10 a.m. FRIDAY - NHS is reporting hurricane-force winds "just offshore" Cape Lookout, part of the low-lying islands that make up North Carolina's Outer Banks. Dorian is around 90 miles southwest of Cape Hatteras. 

1:45 a.m. FRIDAY - Punishing winds in Wilmington! 

1:17 a.m. FRIDAY - Dorian is now a category 1 storm.

1:00 a.m. FRIDAY - Dorian leaves behind a path of destruction in the Carolinas. 

PHOTOS: Dorian Destruction in the Carolinas 

12:30 a.m. FRIDAY - The latest from the coast as WFMY News 2 tracks Dorian's wrath. 

11:00 p.m. THURSDAY - WFMY News 2's extended Dorian newscast coverage

10:45 p.m. THURSDAY - Oh, ZAP! Check out this video of a power line that exploded in Charleston, SC! 

10:00 p.m. THURSDAY - Dozens of emergency shelters have now opened in North Carolina. Here's an updated list. 

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9:45 p.m. THURSDAY - WFMY News 2's Maddie Gardner with an update on what's going in Wilmington as Dorian hits the area. 

9:15 p.m. THURSDAY - A number of roads have flooded along the coast and are closed. Here's a list of flooded roads and bridges that are closed at this time. 

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9:00 p.m. THURSDAY - More than 69,000 power outages across the Carolinas 

8:57 p.m. THURSDAY - Tim Buckley and other meteorologists talk all things Dorian. 

8:00 p.m. THURSDAY - Flooding and damage from Hurricane Dorian. Update with WFMY News 2 covering Dorian in the Carolinas. 

7:45 p.m. THURSDAY - More than 27,000 people are without power in North Carolina

7:30 p.m.  THURSDAY - 19 roads have closed in North Carolina due to flooding. 

7:10 p.m. THURSDAY - Greensboro Swift Water Rescue teams prepare for a long night in Plymouth, NC. 

7:00 p.m. THURSDAY -  Latest update with the WFMY News 2 team as we continue to track Dorian in the Carolinas. 

6:24 p.m. THURSDAY - Always remember, turn around don't drown when you see floodwater.  

6:14 p.m. THURSDAY- A tornado watch has been issued for parts of North Carolina and Virginia until 7 a.m.

6:04 p.m. THURSDAY - The statewide power outage total as of 6:00 pm is 12,828, with most of these outages in Onslow, Johnston, Scotland, Duplin, and Robeson counties. 

6:00 p.m. THURSDAY - New stats are in from the National Hurricane Center. Here's Dorian's latest wind speed, position, and movement. 

5:52 p.m. - THURSDAY - WFMY News 2 reporter Marissa Tansino gives an update on conditions in Myrtle Beach. Says conditions are getting too dangerous to be out and about. 

5:44 p.m. - THURSDAY - Update on current conditions in Myrtle Beach. The weather is getting worse. 

5:26 p.m. THURSDAY - Dorian will continue to impact many parts of the Southeast coast tonight. Fema is urging that you go to bed prepared in case of tornado warnings. 

5:25 p.m. THURSDAY - Storm damage near city hall in New Bern, NC. 

5: 18 p.m. THURSDAY - WOW! Trucks and crews waiting at Walnut Creek in Raleigh to get busy restoring power to Eastern NC.  

5:06 p.m. THURSDAY - One South Carolina business owner had some funny words for Hurricane Dorian! #byefelicia 

5:06 p.m. THURSDAY - As of now, the Civil Air Patrol HQ in Burlington is quiet, but come tomorrow at 9 a.m., they’ll be on for 24 hours dispatching planes across the state to respond to Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath. 

5:04 p.m. THURSDAY - If flooding comes to your area as a result of Hurricane Dorian, you can follow these flood safety tips

4:31 p.m. THURSDAY - Duke Energy crews hard at work restoring power in Wilmington, NC. 

4:30 p.m. THURSDAY - The statewide power outage total as of 4:30 pm is 6,183. 

4:28 p.m. THURSDAY - Heavy winds picking up in Myrtle Beach. Just look at those palm trees!

4:21 p.m. THURSDAY - South Carolina deputies work alongside firefighters, Army National Guardsmen and a volunteer group from Texas to clear a tree blocking Highway 17 in McClellanville. 

4:07 p.m. THURSDAY - Gov. Roy Cooper speaks on Hurricane Dorian at a media briefing in Raleigh, NC. 

3:56 p.m. THURSDAY - Gov. Roy Cooper tweets " #HurricaneDorian is here -- hunker down, be safe, and don’t take any chances." He is set to speak momentarily at a media briefing at 4:05 p.m. 


3:55 p.m. THURSDAY - Gov. Roy Cooper to hold a media briefing on Hurrican Dorian at 4:05 p.m. 

3:40 p.m. THURSDAY - One Waffle House in Wilmington says they don't plan on closing unless they lose power! Thanks for feeding our hard-working crews. 


3:30 p.m. THURSDAY - A flash flood warning has been put in place for Myrtle Beach SC, Socastee SC, and North Myrtle Beach SC until 6:30 p.m. 

3:20 p.m. THURSDAY -  Car stuck in the water at Myrtle Beach. Our crews say they have no clue how it got there.    

2:28 p.m. THURSDAY - Dorian causes a Myrtle Beach hotel to lose part of its roof leaving wood and metal mangled on the ground. 

12:00 p.m. THURSDAY - Jeep found abandoned at Myrtle Beach. Creates an crowd of people taking photos. Police ask them to leave because of danger from high tides, surfs caused by Dorian. 

11:00 a.m. THURSDAY - Dorian is now a Category 2 hurricane with wind speeds at 110 mph. It's still strong enough, as we've seen, to cause damage along the coast. Several tornadoes have been reported along the Carolina coast. 

10:05 a.m. THURSDAY - NC Gov. Cooper gave an update on Dorian's impact to the state. He urged people to take heed of flash flood warnings expected by the coast tonight, and to not try to drive through flooded roads. 

8:00 a.m. THURSDAY - Video tweeted by Wayne White shows a Dorian-spawned tornado barreling through North Myrtle Beach, SC. Several tornado warnings were issued along the coast Thursday morning as strong winds from Dorian picked up. 

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7:40 a.m. THURSDAY - NWS Wilmington tweeted a video of a tornado touching down in Pender County along Highway 17. Many NC coastal areas are under tornado warnings because of strong winds from Dorian. 

7:20 a.m. THURSDAY -- Maddie Gardner gives an update from the Riverwalk in downtown Wilmington. Businesses are boarded up, and they've had scattered showers and some wind. 

6:10 a.m. THURSDAY - Dorian rain has reached the North and South Carolina coast. A tornado warning was issued for the Wilmington area. 

11:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Hurricane Dorian is now a category three storm. 

10:31 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Winds picking up now at Myrtle Beach with stronger gusts. 

9:53 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Here's how the tropical storm force winds and hurricane force winds will hit the Carolina coast through Friday AM. 

9:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY - The North Carolina Global TransPark will serve as a base of operations for emergency rescue and relief from Hurricane Dorian. Teams from a number of agencies including North Carolina Emergency Management, Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Guard, and other federal, state and local agencies will be on hand. It’s also where emergency supplies, rescue boats and aircraft, medical supplies will be stored.

9:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Brand new stats are in from the National Hurricane Center. Here's #Dorian's latest wind speed, position, and movement.

8:45 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Guilford County EMS crews are already helping with Dorian. Today teams helped evacuate 19 medically fragile patients out of the path of the storm. They also spent the day coordinating with the national guard and responding to calls.

8:26 p.m. WEDNESDAY -  Duke Energy is moving an extra 4,000 repair workers from 23 states and Canada to the Carolinas in anticipation of the hurricane’s arrival. The crews will complement the 5,000 Duke Energy lineworkers and tree personnel permanently based in the Carolinas – creating a total workforce of almost 9,000.

8:01 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Dorian now visible on the Charleston radar. 

7:42 p.m. WEDNESDAY - The calm before the storm in Myrtle Beach! 

6:52 p.m. WEDNESDAY - More than a dozen emergency shelters have now opened in North Carolina. 

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6:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Duke Energy talks about preparing for 700,000 possible outages in the Carolinas. 

6:08 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Wind picking up in Myrtle Beach as Dorian moves toward the Carolinas. 

4:57 P.M.WEDNESDAY  - Here's #Dorian's latest wind speed, position, and movement information! 

4:39 P.M. WEDNESDAY - About 450 Charlotte-area line workers and support personnel travel to Florence, S.C. this morning to be in place to restore service to customers who experience power outages as a result of Hurricane Dorian. About 50 of these workers left from Duke Energy’s Little Rock Operations Center in Charlotte.

4:33 P.M. WEDNESDAY - As for the Triad, our main concern will be a period of very gusty winds Thursday evening into early Friday morning. 


4:32 P.M. WEDNESDAY - Here is what to expect at the NC coast as Dorian approaches. 

4:24 P.M. WEDNESDAY - Tim Buckley shares our in-house rain forecast computer model. Crazy how hardly any rain falls in the Triad, but over 4" falls in Raleigh. Buckley says this is just one model's idea of what could happen.

4:04 P.M. WEDNESDAY -  Tim Buckley reports that the center of Hurricane Dorian is just about level with Jacksonville Florida right now, however, the rain is moving north. 

3:48 P.M. WEDNESDAY - As preparation for Hurricane Dorian, a South Carolina man hired a carpenter to board up some of his windows. Hear all about the process on WFMY NEWS 2 at 5 p.m

3:45 P.M. WEDNESDAY - NC Emergency Management is asking that people evacuating or traveling after the storm visit  DriveNC.gov. For drivers, you should never drive on flooded roads and you shouldn't move or drive around barricades. 

 3:24 P.M. WEDNESDAY - Duke Energy says Hurricane Dorian will bring powerful winds and significant rain to the Carolinas potentially causing 700,000+ power outages!  They are urging customers to plan ahead & prepare for extended outages.  

3:13 P.M. WEDNESDAY - The Red Cross has opened over 100 evacuation shelters to help those impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Here is a full map of shelter locations. 

3:06 P.M. WEDNESDAY - Damage caused by Hurricane Dorian at Hanna Park in Jacksonville Florida. 

2:57 P.M. WEDNESDAY - Here are the latest stats on Dorian. Wind speed currently at 105 MPH. Location is 115 miles Northeast of Jacksonville Florida. 

11:30 A.M. WEDNESDAY - NC Governor Roy Cooper confirmed a storm-related death in Columbus County during a press conference. He said an 85-year-old man fell from a ladder while making preparations at his home. Emergency management officials said medical and general sheltering operations are underway and there are accommodations for pets. Mandatory evacuations are underway along the Barrier Islands. 

10:30 A.M. WEDNESDAY - A double red flag warning is up in Myrtle Beach, meaning swimmers should not go in the water, Marissa Tansino reports. Marissa also spoke to the owner of Dirty Don's Oyster Bar and Grill, who was able to board up his business just in time before Dorian's arrival. 

7:00 A.M. WEDNESDAY - The Hurricane Watch area has been extended across the entire NC coastline. There's also a Tropical Storm watch in effect for inland areas just to the east of Raleigh, according to WFMY News 2 meteorologist Eric Chilton. 

5:00 A.M. WEDNESDAY - Tropical storm conditions continue along the northeastern coast of Florida. NHS said the storm was centered about 90 miles east of Daytona Beach, Florida. It has top winds of 105 mph as a Category 2 hurricane and is moving north at 8 mph. At least 7 people have died as a result of the storm in the Bahamas. 

11:10 P.M. TUESDAY - The federal government has granted Governor Roy Cooper’s request for a federal disaster declaration for the state.

Governor Cooper requested the federal declaration on September 2 after issuing a state emergency. The federal declaration will speed federal aid to the state, including bringing more FEMA and military personnel and resources for preparation and relief efforts.

11:05 P.M. TUESDAY - No major changes to Dorian's track. Dorian will track right along the SC and NC coast on Thursday with punishing surf, surge, wind, and rain. 

10:30 P.M. TUESDAY - Sandbags outnumbered people on the streets of Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach as Hurricane Dorian makes its way towards the coast. 

Some businesses were boarded up with no one in sight, others were just putting the finishing touches on preparations.

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10:05 P.M. TUESDAY - UNCG hosts UNCW students who are evacuating due to Dorian. Students arrived and are staying in the gym. 

9:15 P.M. TUESDAY - Dorian has gotten bigger. How big? Here's a size comparison with North and South Carolina!

Credit: WFMY News 2
How big is Dorian? Check it out!

9:05 P.M. TUESDAY - The U.S. Coast Guard released these photos of damage in the Bahamas.  Four MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crews are supporting rescue and humanitarian aid in the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian is starting to move toward the southeastern U.S. after pummeling the islands for days.

9:00 P.M. TUESDAY - WFMY News 2 crews are in the coastal Carolinas with crews in Myrtle Beach and in Wilmington. 

PHOTOS: WFMY News 2 In The Coastal Carolinas Covering Dorian

8:45 P.M. TUESDAY - As parts of the U.S. brace for Hurricane Dorian's impact, the amount of destruction caused by the storm in the Bahamas is devastating. 

The Prime Minister of the Bahamas said Monday they are dealing with "a historic tragedy" and the devastation is "unprecedented and extensive." 

Here's how you can help out. 

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8:10 P.M. TUESDAY - Myrtle Beach is like a "ghost town" says the general manager of a candy store on Ocean Boulevard. The business has placed sandbags to help with possible flooding from Dorian. 

8:00 P.M. TUESDAY - NC Highway Patrol making final preparations before Dorian hits. They are building the Highway Patrol Response plan. 

7:45 P.M. TUESDAY - Many of you have been asking about the Corolla horses in the Outer Banks with Hurricane Dorian on the way. 

The Corolla Horse Rescue says organizations do not gather the horses to evacuate for storms. Horses follow their instincts and find shelter behind dunes, or move further inland into marshlands, according to the rescue. 

The non-profit wrote: The wild horses are better equipped to handle a hurricane than most of us humans living on the Outer Banks. They go to high ground, under the sturdy live oak trees to ride the storm out. Remember, they’ve been doing this for 500 years!

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7:15 P.M. TUESDAY - Conditions picking up at Cocoa Beach, Florida as Dorian moves slowly 

6:52 P.M. TUESDAY - WFMY News 2's Jessica Winters has an update from Wilmington as it prepares for Hurricane Dorian. 

6:45 P.M. TUESDAY - Buses with UNCW students who are evacuating due to Dorian have now arrive in Greensboro. They will be staying at UNCG. 

6:22 P.M. TUESDAY - Duke Energy has crews ready to help with Dorian. Crews are staged and ready to go. 

6:20 P.M. TUESDAY - U-Haul is offering a month of free self-storage and U-Box container usage to people expected to be displaced or impacted by Hurricane Dorian. The offer is for people in the storm's path in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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6:10 P.M. TUESDAY - WFMY News 2's Marissa Tansino and Jeff Skordas make their way towards Myrtle Beach. 

5:40 P.M. TUESDAY - UNCG gets ready to receive Hurricane Dorian evacuees from UNC Wilmington. 

5:33 P.M. TUESDAY - The Triad will get wind gusts up to 40 mph from Hurricane Dorian.

5:32 P.M. TUESDAY - Major impacts are likely for the North Carolina coast and include storm surge and coastal flooding. 

5:30 P.M. TUESDAY - Bahamas devastation is overwhelming. Reports from the country are dire and the pictures/video tells a catastrophic story. Hurricane Dorian stayed over the island nation, pounding the northern Bahamas for nearly 48 hours. 

5:27 P.M. TUESDAY - People are soaking up the sunshine at Wrightsville Beach before Dorian hits. 

5:22 P.M. TUESDAY - WFMY News 2's Marissa Tansino and Jeff Skordas arrive in Myrtle Beach to help cover Hurricane Dorian. 

5:20 P.M. TUESDAY - Hotels and businesses are closing up and boarding ahead of Dorian. This is at Wrightsville Beach. 

5:17 P.M. TUESDAY - Hurricane Warnings now in effect for the entire South Carolina coast up through the Wilmington area. Tropical Storm Warnings just inland. Hurricane Watches / Trop Storm Watches farther north will be upgraded as we get closer to Thursday/Friday.  

5:12 P.M. TUESDAY - Thousands will lose power at the coast Thursday into Friday. 


5:11 P.M. TUESDAY - Forecast rain totals from Hurricane Dorian in North Carolina Thursday into Friday. 

5:10 P.M. TUESDAY - Forecast wind gusts from Hurricane #Dorian in North Carolina Thursday into Friday. 

5:05 P.M. TUESDAY - The Salvation Army is ready to help those in need as Hurricane Dorian hits the coast. 

PHOTOS: Salvation Army Ready to Help 

5:00 P.M. TUESDAY - Hurricane Dorian still remains on the expected track. 

4:55 P.M. TUESDAY - Brand new stats are in from the National Hurricane Center.

4:53 P.M. TUESDAY - The North Carolina Zoo is offering half-price admission for Hurricane Dorian evacuees. The offer will be good from Wednesday, September 4 through Wednesday, September 11 for anyone who evacuated from counties affected by Hurricane Dorian.

The half-price admission deal also applies for evacuees from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.

You must show a valid ID with your current address.

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4:35 P.M. TUESDAY - NCDOT gets ready for Hurricane Dorian. 

4:30 P.M. TUESDAY - Jim Trogdon, Secretary NC Department of Transportation said to "Stay aware of all public advisories on Dorian and visit DriveNC.gov before you travel."

4:25 P.M. TUESDAY - Jim Trogdon, Secretary NC Department of Transportation, said the NCDOT is preparing 1,000 chainsaws, over 3,000 barricades and 2,700 high water signs to deploy for Hurricane Dorian. He also said Evacuation routes have been moving at posted speeds today. The Ferry Division has also been working to assist with evacuations.

4:15 P.M. TUESDAY - Mike Sprayberry, NC Director of Emergency Services said, the State EOC remains activated at level 1, which means that entire state emergency response teams are here. Still tracking Dorian closely. Rain, storm surge and wind will be the greatest hazards.

4:08 P.M. TUESDAY - Gov. Cooper advises large shelters will be opening across the state for evacuees including one in Durham tonight and another Wednesday in Clayton.

4:05 P.M. TUESDAY - Gov. Cooper orders more than 300 NC National Guard soldiers to help with the storm response. He also says the NC Department of Transportation and the NC Highway Patrol are both working to keep roads open for those that are evacuating. 

4:02 P.M. TUESDAY - Governor Roy Cooper says, "Hurricane Dorian continues on a path to NC. There is a very real threat to our state. The storm is strong and relentless. We must be ready." 

4:00 P.M. TUESDAY - Governor Roy Cooper urges North Carolinians to take evacuation orders and news from local officials seriously. "Do not try to ride the storm out. You are putting your life and the lives of first responders at risk."

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3:48 P.M. - Greensboro Swift Water Rescue team gears up for relief efforts. 

PHOTOS: Greensboro Swift Water Rescue Teams Gear Up For Outer Banks

3:45 P.M. TUESDAY - UNCW students load up buses and evacuate. A group will head to UNCG. 

3:32 P.M. TUESDAY - Governor Roy Cooper to hold a news conference at 4:00 p.m. to talk about emergency operations and evacuations. Watch live right here on WFMY News 2. 

3:00 P.M. TUESDAY - WFMY News 2's Marissa Tansino and Jeff Skordas head out to Myrtle Beach to cover Hurricane Dorian. 

1:30 P.M. TUESDAY - Governor Cooper has issued a mandatory evacuation order for vulnerable coastal North Carolina areas. The order applies to barrier islands along the entire coast, from the Virginia line to the South Carolina line. The order goes into effect Wednesday at 8 a.m. 

12:15 P.M. TUESDAY - Greensboro Fire Department is deploying 42 members of the Swiftwater Rescue team to assist with anticipated flooding and search and rescue efforts in eastern North Carolina. 

12:00 P.M. TUESDAY - New Hanover County officials say a mandatory evacuation order for Wrightsville, Carolina and Kure beaches as well as the Barrier Islands will begin Wednesday at 8 a.m. Voluntary evacuations from other towns as of now include low parts of Wilmington. 

11:00 A.M. TUESDAY - Hurricane Dorian has weakened to a Category 2 storm with maximum sustained winds near 110 mph. 

8:40 A.M. TUESDAY - The USDA Forest Service is waiving fees at campgrounds in the Southern Region for people displaced by Hurricane Dorian. This includes campgrounds on the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests. All campgrounds on the Croatan National Forest in eastern North Carolina will be closed. The Uwharrie National Forest may also be impacted by the storm, so visitors should have a back-up plan. 

8:25 A.M. TUESDAY - Georgia Governor Brian Kemp ordered evacuations along his state's coast. He said reverse traffic on I-16 began Tuesday morning. 

8:05 A.M. TUESDAY - Dorian is beginning to inch northwestward after sitting over the Bahamas, where its relentless winds have caused catastrophic damage and flooding. 

2:00 A.M. TUESDAY - Dorian has weakened to a Category 3 hurricane but remains at a standstill over the Bahamas has it continues to churn. The National Hurricane Center said Dorian is expected to move "dangerously close" to the Florida coast late Tuesday through Wednesday evening before it moves north. 

11:00 P.M. - No major changes with Hurricane Dorian. The cone is narrowing as confidence increases in NC coastal track on Thursday. The storm is expected to lose some steam, but stay very strong all the way.

10:45 P.M. - From the Bahama Press: "High storm surge with floating vehicles" as Dorian continues to devastate the Bahamas.

10:15 P.M. - Dorian isn't moving because the upper atmosphere is too calm. While this has been horrible for the Bahamas, where the storm's pounding has been relentless, it may help spare Florida a bit, meteorologists said. 

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9:45 P.M. - Make sure you know how to properly fill a sand bag. 

8:30 P.M. - Check out the conditions along Cocoa Beach, Fl as hurricane Dorian nears the state's coastline. 

7:45 P.M. - State Emergency Management Meteorologist Katie Webster said Dorian could drop 5 to 10 inches (13 to 25 centimeters) of rain on North Carolina, with points along the coast getting a foot or more

7:00 P.M. - Tim Buckley explains how this monster hurricane could impact the NC, SC coastlines. 

6:45 P.M. - The National Park Service closed visitor centers and museums at the southern end of the Outer Banks on Monday, while Cape Lookout National Seashore and visitor services on Ocracoke Island, an isolated barrier island, will close Tuesday. 

6:30 P.M. - Evacuation orders for Ocracoke Island visitors in advance of Hurricane Dorian 

5:45 P.M. - Hurricane Dorian evacuees make stops along I-85 in Davidson County. 

5:00 P.M. - Dorian track update

4:50 P.M. - Coastal evacuations are underway as the Carolinas get ready for Hurricane Dorian.

4:45 P.M. - North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said the state has activated 300 members of the National Guard and its state emergency operations center is fully operational at this time.

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4:30 P.M. - On Monday, Cooper held a news conference updating the state on operations ahead of Dorian. Along with the National Guard, there are hundreds of troopers that will monitor highway to help evacuees. Swift-water rescue teams are also on standby and will be activated as needed.

Gov. Cooper said, "North Carolina could begin feeling the impacts of Dorian as early as Wednesday morning." 

4:25 P.M. - The State’s Emergency Management Director, Mike Sprayberry said, “The greatest impacts will be felt from Hurricane Dorian on Thursday and Friday, but some will be felt as early as Wednesday.”

4:08 P.M. - Food and water push packs ready

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Sprayberry said the North Carolina Department of Transportation has been studying the Wilmington area to keep it from being cut off during storm flooding. High water vehicles are already stationed in the eastern part of the state to help if needed.

3:20 P.M. - Officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order for all Dare County and Hyde County residents ahead of Hurricane Dorian's arrival.

2:18 P.M. - The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) has canceled classes for the week and ordered students and staff to evacuate.

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All students must be evacuated from campus by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, according to a campus email issued to faculty, staff and students.

UNC Pembroke has canceled some classes. All classes after 12:05 p.m. on Wednesday – Friday are canceled.

2:00 P.M. - The Charlotte Motor Speedway said Monday a campground and related bathhouse are open at no cost for people looking for inland destinations away from the expected coastal impact zone.

Atlanta Motor Speedway announced Thursday it was opening its camping facilities to evacuees.

1:00 P.M. - Salvation Army gets ready to help with Hurricane Dorian 

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