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Circus performers at LeBauer Park?

The artist in residence program for Downtown Greensboro Parks promises to make a visit to the park magical for families.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A walk in one of downtown Greensboro's parks is usually filled with families, food and maybe a few kids splashing in the water. The artist in residence program for LeBauer Park is adding something new these days. Circus performers.

"This is our second year of the program and we strive to bring something unique. This year I think we've done just that," said Downtown Greensboro Parks president Rob Overman, "We are thrilled to bring in this unique group of circus performers for our families to enjoy."

The group, Active Entertainment Project, uses its talents to tell a story of how the mundane can be magical and how we need to see the world in a different light. The shows will include everything from circus-style acts to dance, theater and live music.

"Creative placemaking is about forging an identity connection to a particular space. The meaning that our community members inscribe to these parks - bringing their narratives, showcasing their craft, highlighting perspectives, building traditions, making memories - is the power that turns these spaces into more than mere backdrop," continued Overman, "We are committed to providing space not only for artists to showcase their work, but to also lead the community in connecting with its stories, assets, challenges, and possibilities. Utilizing Center City & LeBauer Parks as a studio, medium, performance venue, and ultimate collaborator, Artists in Residence spend time building a relationship with these community spaces and the people they bring together to explore a central creative vision."

More information is available at  Downtown Greensboro Parks website.

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