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Grilling tips from the pros at Mac's Speed Shop

Eric Chilton hangs out with the Pitmaster at Mac's to learn the secrets of making the perfect barbecue, ribs, brisket and wings.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Everyone loves food fresh off the grill but learning the nuances of a grill takes time. That's why our Eric Chilton went to the professionals at Mac's Speed Shop in Greensboro to get a few tips.

"We cook our brisket low and slow. Usually at about 200-degrees for about 12 hours," said Pitmaster Brandon, "It is our number one seller for sure. In fact, we go through about 1,500 pounds of brisket every week!"

Everyone likes brisket but for some, it's all about the crunch.

"My favorite part of the brisket is the burnt ends where the spices gather and char up on the brisket," said Pitmaster Brandon. "Of course, you want to watch your chicken since it's a little more finicky. And always take into account your grill or oven because they all cook a little differently and learning your equipment is essential to cooking it to perfection."

Check out our videos above for all the grilling tips you need to get you through the summer.

Mac's Speed Shop is located at 1218 Battleground Ave, in Greensboro. 

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