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It's a retro party band full of 'guilty pleasures

The Camel City Yacht Club band is gaining a following and if you're going to hear them get ready to dress the part.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — If we asked you what music or performer you loved but don't want anyone to know you love  I'll bet every one of you has an answer...or two.  That's what members of The Camel City Yacht Club are banking on.

The band formed at the beginning of COVID, playing a variety of soft rock its that are pulling hundreds of people in every week.

"So, some of us listened to a channel on satellite radio called Yacht Rock Radio. It features artists like Pablo Cruise or Ace and even Air Supply," said Lead singer Clay Howard, "And some of my musician friends said let's bring those songs back because they are nostalgic for a lot of people near our age. So, we did."

Howard says sometimes it's not about the music but more about the memories they bring back.

"For people around my age, you can remember that coming of age time. Your first kiss or that first girlfriend and odds are whatever was popular then you associate with song," continued Howard, "So we play stuff that most bands won't touch. It's all about nostalgia and that's powerful."

The group is taking the "cheesy-ness" to new heights complete with alter egos and costumes.

"So we gave ourselves fun stage names to fit the genre like Kip Falco or Thurston Howard the 4th and when we added the costumes it became a 'thing'," said Howard, "It's gotten so popular that now audiences are coming to the shows in costumes."

If you are interested you can follow them on the Camel City Yacht Club Facebook page or go to The Ramkat in Winston-Salem Friday, November 26th to check them out.