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More useless and strange trivia from Eric Chilton

This go-around he talks about everything from pencils to M&M's.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Let's begin with a symbol that most of us know as a hashtag these days.

If you're old school, you may have called this a number sign or the pound key on a phone, but did you know it actually has a name? 

It's officially called an octothorpe. Octo for the 8 points around the symbol but the "Thorpe" part of it is still up for debate although some think it's derived from an old English word meaning "village". Who knows?

Next up, let's talk about the pencil. 

Plain and simple. Did you know that if you drew a continuous line with the average pencil, it would go about 35 miles! 

Or in other terms 50,000 English words. So, the next time you see someone with that little stubby pencil tell them they are approaching their 50,000-word limit.

Now, we go to France for a visit to the Eiffel Tower. 

This beautiful structure is approximately 1083 feet tall. Well, at least right now because in the hottest months the steel actually expands, and the tower is 6 inches taller. Of course, in the cooler months, it shrinks back to normal. Crazy, right?

We end our trivia today with one of the classic candies in our country's history. M&Ms. 

You might have thought that it stood for mmmm mmmm but you would be wrong. The M&M stamped on each candy stands for the last names of the two founders Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie.

Now you have that useless trivia to use at the office water cooler.

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