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My 2 Cents: Hiding my old t-shirts

Eric Chilton talks about what happened when his wife found boxes of old shirts in the attic.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's time for My 2 Cents and today is all about nostalgia. So, a few years back my wife was cleaning out the attic, (A sure sign that I needed to be home to police what she threw away) but, I wasn't there at the time. That spells trouble.

She had proceeded to throw away a box of my old t-shirts from high school and college. After much "discussion," I said, "I would take them out of the attic." 

I did. I took them to work. LOL, They have lived in a box under my desk for a few years now, and recently as I was moving desks I found them and went for a walk down memory lane.

I found t-shirts from Governor's School in high school to fraternity festivals and even from some places where I worked in school. There were even a few from my fraternity event that I had actually designed the logos.

After smiling and looking through the entire collection it made me think. What will I do with these when I retire? If I can't get friends to go on rotation keeping the sacred box in their attic, then I guess I'll be on another secret mission. Ha.

Well, if you know anyone who can make a quilt out of them, give me a call.

But that's just My 2 Cents.

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